ALMAR sets the task of developing diamond deposits in the Arctic of Yakutia and creating a modern high-tech enterprise that combines the experience and traditions of Russian diamond miners with the flexibility and dynamics of a small private company and modern world achievements in the field of exploration and mining.

The company’s development is based on modern approaches that allow us to provide the necessary growth dynamics, flexibility in a rapidly changing world and sustainability:

  1. Development of small sites with good transport accessibility, providing short terms of their commissioning with relatively low investment costs and return on investment. Formation of a balanced portfolio of mineral resources in the future, including both small placer deposits for rapid growth, and medium and large indigenous deposits for sustainable long-term development.
  2. Application of modern technologies in the field of geological exploration, mining and processing works, shift mining method allowing to reduce capital investments in production, to provide high mobility of production resources and their effective use at once on several license sites at the same time. The use of the most modern world practices and technologies that ensure high efficiency of production processes.
  3. Foundation of a competence center in the field of diamond exploration, mining, concentrating and sales by attracting the best specialists, the formation of a well-coordinated highly professional team of the enterprise.
  4. Customer focus, which we understand primarily as convenience for our customers, transparency of business processes, as well as adherence to international best practices and flexible adaptation of sales policy to changes in the global diamond market.
  5. Attitude to the Arctic and Yakutia as a home, which the company plans to continuously equip and develop taking into account the traditions and nature of the region.
  6. Following the high standards adopted by international diamond organizations such as Kimberly Process, Diamond Producers Association and Responsible Jewellery Council in the field of diamond production, trade, human capital and ecology.
Deposits development plan

2022 – 2023 Exploration works: drilling of wells, trenches and ditches, concentration, evaluation of a representative batch of rough diamonds, preparation of feasibility study conditions, calculation of reserves and evaluation of forecast resources, testing of diluted reserves in the the State Commission on reserves of Ministry of resources and ecology of Russia. Preparation and coordination of technical projects for the development of placers.

2023 – 2024 Investment stage of placer deposits development: purchase of equipment, staffing, adjustment of production processes, organization of industrial production and sales.

I – III 2024 Start of the operational phase: start of mining and concentrating of diamond sands, delivery of diamond concentrate, sorting of rough diamond, preparation for sales.

IV 2024 Start of sales through the system of auctions and tenders. The receipt of the first revenues. Receipt of the first profit at the end of 2023, payment of the first dividends at 2025. Next, the annual receipt of dividends.

2024 – 2029 Supplementary exploration of flanks of Khatystakh and Beenchimee deposits to industrial categories of reserves. Exploration of reserves for underground mining to a depth of 100 m at the Khatystakh area, preparation of feasibility study conditions, calculation of reserves and assessment of forecast resources.

IV 2028 Completion of production at the Beenchime area. The preparation for development of the flanks of the Beenchimee deposit.

2029 The beginning of mining the flanks of the Beenchimee area.

IV 2030 Completion of production at the Khatystakh placer deposit. Preparation for the development of the flanks and underground reserves of the khatystakh deposit.

2031 The beginning of the development of the flanks and underground reserves of the Khatystakh deposit.