ALMAR is the Russian exploration and mining enterprise which operates under brand ‘ALMAR – Arctic diamonds’ (ALMAR in Russian is abbreviated frase “ALMazy ARktiki” which means Arctic diamonds), founded in 2015 by professionals in exploration and mining of natural diamonds. Since 2016, it has been developing diamond deposits Beenchimee and Khatystakh, located in the Olenec and Bulun districts of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia), in the Far East of the Russian Federation. In 2021 ALMAR has been transformed into joint stock company.

The Khatystakh area is located on the left bank of the Lena river, has sustained high diamond content of diamond-bearing sands, the forecast resources of the placer deposit are more than 7.5 million carats, the resources of the indigenous deposit are estimated at 30 million carats. The rough are dominated by small stones of good quality. The Khatystakh area takes its name from the name of the left tributary of the Lena river.

The Beenchimee deposit is located 150 km West of the Khatystakh deposit, has a slightly lower productivity of sands, which is compensated by the large size of diamonds and high average accounting value. The forecast resources for open-pit mining are 1.7 million carats, for underground mining – 30 mln carats. The Beenchimee area named after the local river, left tributary of Olenek river which flows into the Laptev sea.

Currently the company conducts exploration mining, drilling and concentration works, calculation of diamond reserves by industrial categories, testing of reserves in the State Committee for Reserves of the Russian Federation and putting them on the balance sheet of the company in 2023. Start of mining is scheduled for II QTR of 2024, start of rough sales for IV QTR of 2024.