The ALMAR mines natural diamonds at Khatystakh and Beenchime placer deposits of the Lena-Anabar diamondiferous subprovince which include deposits developed by Diamonds of Anabar JCS a subsidiary mining enterprise of ALROSA.

The planned production volume of rough diamonds is 1.2 million carats per year.

Estimated rough diamond assortment

ALMAR rough diamonds of Ebelyakh type will make a wide range -4 CT + 1. 60 – 80% of which jewelry quality rough with average cost 80-100 $/CT at market prices. The main classes of rough diamonds will be stones -5gr+3 of good quality with low fluorescence.

Periodic finds during the washing season of large diamonds weighing more than 10.8 carats, as well as fantasy stones mostly yellow and rarely pink, are very likely.

The assortment is classified according to the international classification system of rough diamonds and the Russian classification standard GOST R 51519.1-99.