To protect fragile Arctic environment, we adhere to high standards of environmental management at all stages of our operations.

The impact of production activities on the company’s license areas on the environment is assessed by a set of methods including visual observations, hydrochemical and lithochemical testing of bottom sediments of watercourses, monitoring of permafrost melting. As a result of the work a comprehensive assessment of the current state of ecosystems will be presented and measures to minimize the negative impact of the ongoing complex of exploration and production works will be developed.

The use of reagents that emit harmful compounds is not envisaged at the mining sites. Pebble and ash dumps as they accumulate are taken to the dumping of roads, sites, strengthening of the GTS, etc. Concentrating is carried out with the use of a minimum amount of ferrosilicon in a closed loop, the substance spent during the washing season is disposed of in accordance with environmental standards.

Only temporary buildings and structures will be constructed in the areas where production equipment, machinery and personnel are located. The watch settlement consists of mobile buildings, the mining and processing complex consists of mobile equipment, which are dismantled after the completion of the site development.