ALMAR PJSC is the Russian company which holds licenses for subsoil use of 2 placer deposits of natural diamonds – Khatystakh and Beenchimee areas. Khatystakh license area is located in Bulun district on the West Bank of the Lena river 60 km from the district capital Tiksi. Beenchimee license area is located in Olenek district on the winter road to the river Anabar 290 km from Tiksi.

The head office of the company is located in Yakutsk a capital or Yakutia. It is planned to create two production sites at the each deposit with a full complex of mining and concentrating processes and the creation of a subbase for storage of equipment, spare parts and fuel on the Lena river.
Production work at the sites will be carried out by watch-expeditionary technology. Delivery of workers is made for a period of 4 months for each worker. During the year there is a continuous replacement of employees of sites.
The company is at the stage of geological exploration. It is planned to start diamond production and sales in 2023. The staff of the company after entering the operational stage of activity will be about 300 people.

Currently, candidates are being recruited to consider vacant positions, which are planned to be filled in the period from 2020 to 2023. If you would like to work in our company you can send your application with a resume on the Russian version of this page.

NB! Candidates for positions of the company in Russia must have Russian citizenship.